YouStreamer - Upload various audio files and *stream them!
This is under contruction of world greatest Audio stream site (YouStreamer) that enables winamp like webplayer to stream music at, home, work, pretty much anywhere on the planet. It enables you to share your music content (mp3, aac, flac, alac, wav, ogg, opus) in forums, homesites and your chosen place by providing iframe link to your shared music file much like youtube does with video files.

I am looking javascript person to join me in the development.

Contact me at: development thread

Preview of the player:

You can upload various audio files. It includes mp1, mp2, mp3, ogg, aac, flac ,opus & alac.

You can also create playlists like in winamp and stream them. You cannot share playlists tho.
You may not upload copyrighted audio. If you do someone may inform it and it gets deleted. This said, the site does not take any responsible of what users upload, the uploader is issued by responsibility of streamed content.
Files not listen in 6 months will be deleted.

YouStreamer will never give any user info to anyone exept authorized officials that informs of unlegal content and wanting to know the user ip.

That said, the site is coded in a way that even site admin cannot search any content with in site. This assures that streaming is done by user, not host of the site.

Demo forum player:
* supported browsers