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Social events

When it comes to broadcasting live events it is important the whole process to go through smoothly without extra efforts and anxiety feeling.
What are the issues one should pay attention to when he needs to stream any important social life events or conferences?
Internet connection
Probably the most obvious necessity, is a solid, reliable Internet connection. Any high-speed (DSL, cable modem, fiber, etc.) connection will do fine. You can though broadcast with lower quality Internet, but the quality of your stream might suffer.
Streaming software
You might think that this one is technically complicated and costs a lot. There are different services, indeed. However, we at Youstreamer believe that streaming process must be easy and fun for its users.

From this time on, streaming is possible with just using one website in your browser – Youstreamer.com

All the equipment participants will need are their pc/laptops/cellphones.

It is the best that the host of the meeting uses a desktop to hold the meeting. It will make it easier and more smooth for him to arrange all the process.

No need to upload any software.

Go live right in your browser. All you need to do is log in, add platforms where you want to broadcast and click “Start streaming” button. It is that easy. Guests can join your conference using the link that you will send to them. They don’t even need to register anywhere to make it.
Using Youstreamer.com is free, but you can upgrade your account to have more features to stream.

You can broadcast the conference even if it is held in zoom.

If you are having a zoom conference, all you need to do is to add the destinations where you want to show your conference, share you screen with the conference on and just start broadcasting it to the added destinations.

Ability to add and restream pre-recorded videos via OBS

If you are broadcasting news or sports events you can also add pre-recorded videos to Youstreamer and stream them anywhere using OBS function.
Choosing destinations to stream your event
Below is the list of TOP 4 free platforms where you can stream to using Youstreamer.com

Facebook Live
Instagram Live
YouTube Live

Each live broadcast is unique and you might come up with a new idea on how to make it better or something interesting comes to your mind that you might think is fun to try. We encourage you to experiment. Try new things. And feel free to contact us so we could implement your ideas to our product and make your experience with us the best.

See you at Youstreamer.com broadcasting studio with more events to share with your audience!
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