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For whom did we make our service?

What is Youstreamer?

Youstreamer is tool which you can use to stream to multiple platforms at the same time. It works right in your browser, so there is no need to download any extra software.

There are no limits for the time of streaming or the number of broadcasts that you can make within a month. You can add accounts of the streaming platforms you want to stream at and stream simultaneously on 3 of them for free.

How to sign up?

1. Click "Get started” or "Sign up” button on our main page.
2. Chose preferable registration option:

via email address
via Youtube
via Twitch
via Facebook

What if streaming platform that I need in not in the list on the website?

You can select stream to any streaming platform you want. To do that you need to:

1. Choose "Any platform” button
2. Open the platform you want to stream to in another window
3. Find and copy "Stream URL” and "Stream Key" on that platform
4. Go back to youstreamer and paste it to the stream URL section
5. Click "Start streaming" button to go live.

What equipment do I need to start streaming?

You don’t need any complex software or equipment to start streaming. All you need to go live is your computer of smartphone.

Do I need to pay?

You can use free function on Youstreamer. However, some features are available only if you purchase a monthly subscription.

With paid subscription you get:
More platforms to stream at the same time
Full HD video quality
Stream without our logo

How to actually start streaming?

1. Log in
2. Add platform where you want to stream
3. Grant access to webcam and mic
4. Click “Start streaming” Here you go!

Can I use my phone to stream?

Yes, you can. You can use our mobile version on your smartphone and stream wherever you want.

What are the limits for streaming time?

We offer you unlimited streaming on Youstreamer.com. Free plan makes it possible to stream without any time limits with us.

Can I broadcast conferences?

Yes, you can. You have 2 options to do that.

1. Use our web studio as a conference room and broadcast it to the streaming platform you need (this option is preferable).
2. Use the 3td party software to hold a conference and share your screen in web studio to broadcast your conference to other platforms.
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