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Gaming is passion for millions of Internet users these days, so lots of people think of making a living from this passion.
Especially now, when due to COVID-19 video games represent a $130+ billion market with no signs of slowing down. Streaming is the way to do it, but almost immediately several issues come across their minds.

1. How to stream and build viewers engagement and keep them entertained.

2. How to grow audience and what software to use?

These are good questions! Here is Youstreamer check-list step-by-step. Check out life hacks which will help you to become a gamer with audience and online reputation without huge spending on complicated gadgets and marketing campaigns.
Your ultimate guide on How to stream and build viewers engagement and keep them entertained
Any guide will give you dozens recommendations on what type of stream cam you should use. You will also find information about gadgets that will give you suitable lightning and microphones, monitors and other stuff which is for sure very important. And yet before setting all these things up, how do you understand that it’s time to level up your gaming streaming experience? It all starts from making the world get to know you better by mastering social media for gamers. How do you get in on the action? What does it take to build up a gaming audience via social media these days? You should always keep in mind that video gaming marketing is not one-size-fits-all. Rather than try to replicate the success of a certain game or team, it’s important to come up with a comprehensive social strategy that makes sense for your content and potential audience.
Understand the best practices of each platform
What are the best social media channels for you? What platforms should you prioritize? It actually depends. Normally, getting more followers on Twitter should be a top priority when it comes to social media for gamers. The platform is prime for breaking news and already has a dedicated gaming audience looking for day-to-day updates. Facebook is fair game for studios as well, especially given that it’s such a popular place for offers and ads. The pace of content on Facebook also makes it ideal for attracting attention to long-term promotions. Traditionally, Instagram for gamers is more focused on community updates and user-generated content like fan art and cosplay photography. Meanwhile, platforms like TikTok are still the sort of wild west when it comes to gaming social media. That said, the billions of views on gaming-related hashtags should signal that there are opportunities for gaming studios and influencers to get on board.
Hype up live events such as streams, announcements and competitions
Gamers are usually on the hunt for new content to check out, preferably in real-time, that is why so much of social media for gamers is centered around creating a sense of hype. Also, building anticipation gets people talking (and ultimately tuning in). Gaming is now not a passive activity. Instead it is a branch of live entertainment. Putting on virtual events for fans is becoming par for the course for studios and teams of all shapes and sizes. In short, gamers are constantly craving something new to watch, react to or comment on. Make sure you’re giving them what they want.
Drive into humor and memes
Humor goes hand in hand with social media and gamers. Chalk it up to appealing to a younger audience or a demographic that’s constantly online. Either way, the common thread between studios both big and small is a humorous brand voice that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
Cooperate with streamers and up-and-coming gamers
It makes sense to partner with streamers and gaming personalities. Doing so not only introduces you to a new audience but also puts a face to your marketing efforts. An added bonus of partnering with gamers is that you can likely find a good fit for your content without having to dig too much. Likewise, Streamers traditionally don’t want to partner with studios that aren’t a good fit for their audience: this ultimately gives your partnered promotions a much-needed sense of authenticity.
Make your community go promoting yourself on your behalf
Gamers are among the most passionate of any type of fandom, so one should do everything in his power to harness audience’s sense of community and creativity. In other words, make a point to shout-out your fans when they show you love. For example, the Celeste Twitter account regularly shares user-generated content such as fanart.
Sincerity is essential
Gamers are passionate and opinionated, remember? The same rules apply when they’re popping off about a bug or problem with whatever they’re playing. Simply put, don’t try to sweep bugs or server outages under the rug. If you’re having issues, be clear and transparent about them. Although social media for gamers should focus primarily on fans, dealing with naysayers is inevitable. Negative review, trolls are a common issue when it comes to public streams. The higher streamer’s willingness to argue, the higher rates of engagement. That said, debates can quickly devolve into flame wars and spam. It’s important for streamer to both moderate their social comments while also developing a thick skin. Note that the youngest viewers might be the loudest, but they’re not necessarily the ones speaking with their wallets. Make a point to respond to legitimate criticism or concerns and deal with trolls accordingly.
How to grow audience and what software to use?
Honestly, you can find all types of articles and guides promoting professional gear for gaming streaming on the Internet. And yet now we would like to focus on those of you who has just started streaming or is still thinking of starting streaming. Youstreamer is a good option in this case. Why?
Multi streaming function right in your browser The 1st and the main pro here is that you can easily stream to several destinations (Youtube, Facebook, Twitch accounts) without installing any software and learning how to use it. You just log in, add platforms where you want to broadcast and click “Start streaming” button. It is that easy.

Customized design for your streams You can create your own branded design, add different backgrounds and banners to your stream. Invite guests to your stream.

Invite guests to your stream.
Little party never killed nobody! Add up to 20 guests to your stream and make your broadcast super live and fun. With your friends!

Go live right now and Youstreamer.com will help you to succeed!
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