Terms of use

Before using the “YouStreamer” service provided by Edgestream Limited Liability Company, you must carefully read the terms of this User Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) and unconditionally accept them. Other legal documents located at https://youstreamer.com/privacyrus are an integral part of the Agreement. The agreement is a public offer, made public (published) by posting it on the website of Edgestream LLC at https://youstreamer.com/ in the section "User agreement and other legal documents" and is recognized as having entered into force from the moment of its placement.

General Provisions

The Agreement governs the relationship between Edgestream LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) and the Service users (hereinafter referred to as the User) who have joined the Agreement by activating the checkbox next to the link to the terms of this Agreement when registering with the Service. This action confirms the familiarization and unconditional acceptance by the User of the terms of the Agreement (acceptance of the Agreement). Further, the Contractor and the User are collectively referred to as the Parties, and individually the Party. The agreement (including any of its parts) may be amended by the Contractor without any special notice to the User. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment it is posted on the website in the information and telecommunication network Internet at: https://youstreamer.com/ or brought to the attention of the User in another convenient form, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Agreement.

Terms and Definitions

Website - an Internet site located at https://youstreamer.com/, which is a combination of certain tools, including the results of intellectual activity necessary for its functioning, the rights to which the Contractor has rights. Service - a media platform located on a site in the information and telecommunications network Internet at: https://youstreamer.com/, which provides services for the distribution, forwarding, streaming of Content on the Internet. Content - video and audio broadcasts that are carried out by the User in real time and are broadcast simultaneously to several Platforms in real time using the Service functionality. Platforms - various platforms on the Internet, including social networks, video hosting, which the User indicates in the Personal Account to use the functionality of the Service. Personal account - an element of the Service that acts as a platform for the provision of the Service to a specific User and allows the latter to manage the functionality available to him provided by the Contractor, depending on the Tariff selected by the User. Plan - a set of conditions under which the User is given the opportunity to use the Service. User - a legally capable individual who has joined the Agreement in his own interest or who acts on behalf of and in the interests of the legal entity he represents.

1.Subject of the Agreement

1.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide the User with services for the distribution, forwarding, streaming of Content on the Internet, and the User undertakes to accept and pay for services in accordance with the conditions of the selected Tariff. 1.2. To use the Service, the User creates a Personal Account by registering on the Site using e-mail. 1.3. In his Personal Account, the User is given the right to choose one of the Rates, according to which the Contractor will provide services under the Agreement. Up-to-date information on the Rates of the Contractor can be found on the Site in the "Rates" section.

2. Cost of services and payment procedure

2.1. The user pays for services by subscribing in the Personal Account, which involves the monthly transfer of an advance payment in the amount of 100% of the cost of services for the selected Tariff in the Personal Account to the account of the Contractor.
2.2.The cost of services is not subject to VAT in accordance with the provisions of Art. 145.1 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.
2.3. All payments under the Agreement are made in rubles. Currency conversion occurs at the rate of the payment system. Payment obligations are deemed fulfilled from the moment the funds are credited to the account of the Contractor.
2.4. The return of funds to the Buyer in accordance with clause 3.13 of the Agreement is carried out according to the details of the bank card from which the prepayment was transferred for the selected rate.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties

Contractor is required:
3.5. Conscientiously provide services under this Agreement.
Contractor has the right:
3.6. Engage third parties to provide services under this Agreement without obtaining the prior consent of the User.
3.7. Independently determine the amount of functionality available to the User within the framework of the Tariff chosen by the latter, as well as unilaterally change the conditions of the Tariffs and add new ones.
3.8. Do not provide the ability to use the Service to a User who does not meet the conditions of clause 3.5. present agreement.
3.9. Stop the provision of services under the Agreement to the User in the event of receiving requests from copyright holders, Platforms and other interested parties about a violation by the User of the rights and legitimate interests of third parties when transmitting Content.
User must:
3.10. When registering in the Service, confirm the achievement of the age necessary for such registration in accordance with applicable law, or the possession of appropriate consent (for example, parental consent), necessary in accordance with applicable law for using the Service.
3.11. Make timely payments for the services of the Contractor in case of using services at the Extended tariff.
3.12. Independently responsible for the information posted on the Platforms.
3.13. Do not interfere with the activities of the Contractor.
3.14. Do not provide your Personal Account data to third parties.
User has the right:
3.15. At any time, check the progress and quality of services provided by the Contractor, without interfering in its activities. Unsubscribe from the selected Tariff by sending a written request to the Contractor in the Personal Account.

4. Responsibility of the Parties.

4.1 The parties are responsible for non-compliance with the terms of the Agreement, its incomplete or improper execution in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and this Agreement.
4.2 The Contractor is not responsible for service interruptions, as well as for the quality of services provided by organizations providing the User with access to the Internet information and telecommunication network.
4.3 The Contractor acts as an information intermediary within the meaning of Art. 1253.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, transfers content uploaded by the User to the sites specified by him in the Personal Account, does not initiate the transfer of Content, does not change the Content, does not control its content and is not responsible for the placement by the User of Content that violates the rights, including intellectual, third parties.

5. Force Majeure

5.1. In the event of circumstances that make it completely or partially impossible to implement the Agreement of one of the Parties, namely: declared or actual war, civil unrest, epidemics, earthquakes, floods, fires and other natural disasters, actions of state or municipal authorities and other possible force majeure circumstances , independent of the Parties, the deadlines for fulfillment of obligations are extended for the time during which these circumstances are valid.
5.2. If force majeure circumstances are valid for more than two months, any of the Parties shall have the right to refuse further fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement, and neither of the Parties may demand compensation from the other Party for possible losses.
5.3. A Party that is unable to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement is obliged to notify the other Party about this within 14 days from the onset or termination of circumstances that impede the fulfillment of obligations.

6. Confidentiality

6.1. The provisions of this Agreement and all information provided by the parties for the implementation of the Agreement are confidential and will not be disclosed by the Parties, except for the cases and for the purposes provided for by the current legislation of the Russian Federation or by agreement of the Parties.
6.2. The fact of the existence of this Agreement and the name of the services included in it are not confidential information.

7. Duration of the Agreement

7.1. This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.
7.2. Each of the Parties has the right to refuse to execute the Agreement unilaterally by sending a notification to the other Party no later than 30 days before the date of termination of the Agreement.

8. Dispute Resolution

8.1. All disputes arising from this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations between the Parties.
8.2. Disputes not resolved through negotiations shall be resolved by the Parties in a complaints procedure.
8.3. The claim may be sent by post to the address of the Party's location (place of residence). The term for consideration of the claim letter is 10 (ten) business days from the date of receipt of the latter by the addressee.
8.4 In case of failure to reach an agreement through negotiations, the dispute is referred to the court at the location of the Contractor.

9. Final provisions

9.1 The Contractor has the right at any time to amend the terms of this Agreement. Changes to the terms of the Agreement come into force from the moment the new version is published on the Contractor’s website in the information and telecommunication network Internet at: https://youstreamer.com/.
9.2 The proper details of the User are considered to be the details specified by him in the Personal Account, including the address of the location / address of residence, email address, telephone.
9.3 The parties are obliged to inform each other about changes in the name, postal address, e-mail, bank and other details within ten days from the moment of such changes.
9.4 By joining this Agreement, the User agrees to the processing by all possible means of all personal data provided to him during the execution of the Agreement. The specified consent is valid until its cancellation in writing.

10. YouTube API usage

User able to authentificate to his YouTube account, so that YouStreamer app get RTMP key for live streaming. That's only technical informatin that is used and stored within our app that user provide from his YouTube account. Also if this action required of you want to use aggreagted chat (to get messages from different platform in one window)

YouTube's Terms of Service
Google Privacy Policy

11. You can revoke app access on google security page

Go to page and revoke access: Google security settings page

Details of the Contractor

"EdgeStream" LLC Location address: 121205, Moscow, the territory of the Skolkovo innovation center, Nobel street, house 7 room 176, workplace 1 ОГРН 1197746392205 ИНН 9731046208 КПП 773101001